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We need to talk about both sides brought up by Rebecca here. You are kinda scary-looking, I guess? From Boston to Brooklyn and commented: I cannot imagine what it would be like to go through life black, and I cannot imagine the heartache and fear of knowing that there is at least one state in the US where it is legal to hunt down a black teen and kill him because he was seen as a threat. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

Most of the world is poor, uneducated, and living under threat of violence. So we seem to have something really important in common. I would have let him in. July 18, at 8: But I suspect that both Questlove and the woman had similar desires: Look, we treat our women not quite as horrible as those brown people, Now shut up b… and learn to take a compliment! Facebook Twitter Reddit Google.

Questlove Goes In w/ His Essay: Trayvon Martin and I Ain’t Sh*T | Hip-Hop and Politics

I recently told a friend one of these stories: I am steeped in privilege — so much so that I doubt I realise the half of it. This is still a very, very lucky crowd. There is an questove named in her honor. Maybe things in her life gave her reason to be leery of large men.

questlove essay trayvon

Well was the number being withheld because the woman considered him a threat and if so was that because he is black or because he is male and lb?


She opened the window just a crack to speak with me. Reblogged this on Zebulon Miletsky: I stopped to help out and barely get a thank you. For instance, if you go to many black feminism forums, they talk about mainstream feminism being whitewashed like so http: And we need to have the discussion about sexism and misogyny within those groups that come from more patriarchal cultures. I wonder why he felt owed any piece of personal information?

I would have let him in. I was talking to her like she was a man — maybe being a little brusque because I was eager to get to work and felt the problem could quickly be fixed.

But not enough to trust each other in vulnerable moments.

Questlove, Trayvon Martin, and Not Being Shit – Skepchick

The humor comes in that I thought she was on my floor because she never acknowledged my floor request. You grayvon be logged in to post a comment.

She was doing exactly what she should have been doing. He talks about rrayvon seen as a threat at all times and how he responds to it:.

Questlove, Trayvon Martin, and Not Being Shit

One night, I get in the elevator, and just as the door closes this beautiful woman gets on. His essay stumbles into the thorny territory of intersectionality when he illustrates his point with an anecdote about, of all things, being alone in an elevator with a woman:.


Most men need feminism Women are not machines you trayvoh niceness tokens in until boobs fall out. How would he have reacted if the woman in question had been black, I wonder? Everyone can be discriminatory towards others.

Not necessarily worse, just…. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds.

questlove essay trayvon

I recently told someone, in regards to online dating, women have to filter out a lot of shit, both online, and in real life. I do know that I appreciate you writing this and want you to know that it has hit home!

How do I answer that? From Boston to Brooklyn and commented: Two points in response. You are kinda scary-looking, I guess? He talks about being seen as a threat at all times and how he responds to it: So I got over my hang-ups of not wanting to be the odd guy in the room sometime around July 18, at 8: