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Can you dissect an equilateral triangle into 6 smaller ones? I used this template explore the relationship between to the sum and difference between two numbers. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. The great planetary explorer Nico, who first discovered the planet, saw a crowd of Zios and Zepts. How old am I? Learn how to read and draw box and whisker plots Starter:

Dragon Food -Susie snake Lottery numbers Dragon shape puzzles We also covered some of the simplier Knight maths found in the Tudor maths pages: He managed to see that there was more than one of each kind of creature before they saw him. For two of the sizes, she bought the same number of eggs. Register for our mailing list. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. If you do download the zipfile, be patient it takes a while.

My mum was 27 when I was born.

Zios and Zepts :

We continued to explore this by questions such as: Suddenly they all rolled over onto their backs and put their legs in the air. What number of smaller equilateral triangles anv it NOT possible to dissect a larger equilateral triangle into?

You can also access smartboard files and further ideas and activities linked to digit cards here. You may also like Chocolate There are three tables in a room with blocks of chocolate on each. Here is a link to the:. I am using the addition pyramid to revisit mental addition strategies, before teaching children column addition adding units first.


Click on the pictures to access the puzzles. Planet information gap Information gap activities require children to work in pairs zodx share information verbally. LT patterns, sequences and rules.

Problem Solving Starter – Presents – ppt download

How much did Gurmit pay for each present? You need to click here, then download the complete zipped file.

If correct, the next page will load with a graphic first — these can be used to check. I will try to update the blog peoblem with ideas that I have used in the class, so here is the first activity.

Altogether some Zids and Zods have 48 spots. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I have attached a step by step guide for izds the folder. Now try some different starting numbers. How old am I now?

Zios and Zepts

I found the legend of the boneknapper clip on you tube very helpful. Auth with social network: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

The birthday candles problem fits in well with the consecutive number activities discussed in the challenging more able children post. I have also uploaded Christmas themed digit cardswhich can be use to solve problems such as magic square puzzles, card sharp puzzles, e.


problem solving zids and zods

Which has the lowest total? Here is the document I produced to support teachers with finding rules and describing patterns. My book is How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell, so I have shared some of the maths problems we solved.

problem solving zids and zods

Ptoblem result is a silving of word documents that hyperlink to smartboard files, worksheets and interactive teaching materials to help plan and teach maths in a more systematic way throughout school. I have added simple, whole pound examples, and more difficult decimal examples.

Properties Use, share, or modify this drill on mathematic properties. Zods have 9 spots. I have put together some maths puzzles to end the term, which revisit all the puzzles the children have been introduced to over the term.

I have uploaded smartbord files accompanying these activities to the tes website. Home About Primary Mathematics.