Leisure at the local scale: TNC presentations 1. On a single side of A4 draw a 3×3 grid 9 squares. Changing urban systems 3. How it works 2. Measurements of regional and global disparities.

This has been done really well and raises a number of important questions. Measuring food and health. Over the Horizon Migration to the EU. Task – Using all the resources here and the task sheet to the left, plan, stage and direct your video to show the issues involved in NIDL of Nike products. What are the impacts, on both humans and the environment, when TNC’s exploit cheap labour in developing countries? Many of the jobs provided require few skills and the workers really do not pick up new skills that could advance the economy of China further.

nike tnc geography case study

TNC presentations 1. Students learn about the key terms associated with MNC’s TNC’s and where they are distributed globally and the reasons why.

This has been done really well and raises a number of important questions. G11 Mock G12 Mock. Case Study of a TNC: Posts about World Bank written by geographycasestudies.

nike tnc geography case study

Case study on globalization at general electric Nayemul Hasan Nayem. Where are nike products manufactured?

nike tnc geography case study

Examine the company origins, growth and development of Nike as a global brand, and the darker side of the corporations manufacturing arm. Niks has the highest number of software At no point should the two groups collaborate with each other. Urban environmental and social stresses 4. The video on the left of this is a documentary that is worth watching to help you gain further understanding of the issues involving MNC’s and NIDL.


A case study about the transnational corporation, NIKE. How can Nike help development in China?


Nike markets its products under its own brand, as well as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Much of the profit generated by the company will not remain in China but will leak out and back to company headquarters in the USA. Leisure at the international scale: Explore the map showing Nikes global manufacturing locations. Patterns of resource consumption Changing patterns of energy consumption Conservation strategies.

How can Nike hinder development in China? Teaching Geography in About Contact If you did a quick survey of the items in your house and count up the different examples of TNCs you would be surprised by how many are in your home. Students apply their knowledge to Nike Although the headquarters is based in Oregon, USA, the company has over shops worldwide, offices across 45 countries and over contract factories with nearly 1 million workers across 50 countries.


Business and Marketing Strategy of Nike. Read a sustainability article from the link below. Nike claim that they have been an important force in helping to improve worker conditions, pay and rights within China. Click the infographic to follow link.

The US sportswear company Nike have had a sizeable number of factories based in China for many years. Free knowledge, concepts and ideas about marketing management and marketing strategy. Markscheme will be added here shortly.

nike tnc geography case study

Nike – TNC case study 6thformmatt. A and a developing nation of your choice.

TNC Case Study – Nike

Working conditions are still not great in China compared to what they are in other countries. Chat-Show style debate examining the views of different stakeholders in this global operation. BBC Why did so many die?