Cared for the most vulnerable people and ensured people were safe from dangerous buildings. Over 1 million made homeless , dwellings were destroyed ranging from blocks of flats to simple mud-built houses. Richer countries will be more likely to be able to predict, protect and prepare themselves from the effects of an earthquake. It detected the Earthquake and issued televised warnings just after the very rapid P-waves that arrived but before the more damaging S waves. In Iwate Prefecture a bridge collapsed and a building was washed away, with boats and cars swirling around in the rising waters. Radiation releases caused large evacuations, concern over food and water supplies, and treatment of nuclear workers.

Tall buildings swayed violently in central Tokyo as the aftershocks hit. A brave team of nuclear power plant workers battled bravely to prevent the nuclear reactors overheating completely and exploding. A tsunami measured at anywhere from one meter to 7. The tsunami is a secondary consequence of this initial movement. SEE impact include primary and secondary Hazards.

Much of the cultural heritage was destroyed incuding forts, palaces, temples and monuments with many of them being centuries old. Communications were damaged and power lines brought down.

medc earthquake case study a level

Over the following three weeks there was evidence of a partial nuclear meltdown in units 1, 2 and stkdy visible explosions, suspected to be caused by hydrogen gas, in units 1 and 3; a suspected explosion in unit 2, that may have damaged the primary containment vessel; and a possible uncovering of the units 1, 3 and 4 spent fuel pools.

Level of development – whether it occurs in a rich or a poor country. The earthquake occurred on a conservative eaarthquake margin where the Pacific Plate slid past the Australian Plate in the opposite direction. Over 1 million made homelessdwellings were destroyed ranging from blocks of flats to simple mud-built houses. National Geographic — Japan In Pictures.


medc earthquake case study a level

Image courtesy of Wikipedia. The Defence Ministry was sending eight fighter jets to check the damage, the agency said. Japan has a hazards agency, the Japanese Meteorological Agency, which is set up for the prediction of earthquakes and tsunami.

He told a news conference a large amount of damage had occurred in the northern Tohoku region.


There were several nuclear incidents but the most notable was 3 nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima power plant. Emergency services had to be brought in from India and from overseas.

List of case studies for; Tectonic plates, Weather and climate, Development and globalisation and Conflict. In this instance it was the Eastern seaboard of Japan and the Island of Honshu that were vulnerable.

In Iwate Prefecture a bridge collapsed and a building was washed away, with boats and cars swirling around in the rising waters. The depth of the focus – if it’s shallow, it can be more destructive. A Meteorological Agency official appeared on TV urging those affected by the quake not to return home because of possible tsunamis.

Traders said most of the selling was offshore as Tokyo traders evacuated. Fifty-nine search and rescue experts, four medics and two sniffer dogs flew out on a private charter plane with 11 tonnes of equipment on board.

medc earthquake case study a level

Two nuclear plants on the Pacific coast in F ukushima were automatically shut down. The warnings from the JMSA also helped save lives.

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In effect, Lvel owes its existence to this boundary and the Islands are volcanic in origin. More than cxse, buildings suffered some form of damage. The Eurasian plate was down warped dragged down as the Pacific plate descended. Made it difficult to help many injured victims.


They have mrdc trained teams of people to go in and assist with events like this Buildings are earthquake proof and people in Japan are trained YEARLY on the 1 st of September in how to survive earthquakes, this is a result of the Tokyo great Kanto Earthquake of They have readily trained teams of people to go in and assist with events like this.

Many people did not react quickly enough to the tsunami alert, and even if they did the 20 minutes or less warning was insufficient for the people to escape. The JMA and government did a good job of monitoring and getting warning to people, and this probably saved many lives.

There was a magnitude 7. This cause contamination of the sea and land, and force the evacuation of local residents. The earthquake was the biggest ever recorded to have stuck Japan, at approximately 9. Damage was caused in Tokyo and many injuries in the north where the quake was centred The yen fell sharply but recouped warthquake of its decline several hours later.

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As a result of the high frequency of Earthquakes in this area Japan has developed a high capacity to cope with both Earthquakes and tsunami. It lasted 6 minutes. Responses are how countries react to an earthquake.