Coasts menu Where do you want to go now? Pebble sizes are going to get smaller going from Gore point to Hurlstone point — due to longshore drift, the pebbles are going to hit the sea bed as it travels from West to East so parts of the pebble will chip off making the pebbles smaller as it gets to Hurlstone. Water erodes the bottom of the stack and a stump. Porlock Bay is a good summer destination for tourists as it has good industry. Essays Plag Checker Hire Writer. The force of the water continues hitting the new cave and the gap widens. Minehead has more people employed, as tourism is its main source of income.

The prevailing wind causes the waves to break the beach at an angle. Over time this creates a net shift of material along the coast. Every time a wave breaks the material is shifted up the beach in the direction of the prevailing wind. Sediment budget Find out about the sediment budget. However, the soft rock is less resistant to the effects of weathering. The soft rock easily erodes where as the hard rock is much harder to erode so it stays there and the rock then is called a headland.

We repeated those steps for every facet in order to create a beach profile. The amusement park, Butlins drives some of the economy and attracts many tourists to the area. As pebbles travel from west to east attrition is occurring at all times which means essah pebbles bang together and become smaller. View the coasts menu.


This is because it was very dangerous as there was a very lonbshore sea current. However, the soft rock is less resistant to the effects of weathering.

Longshore Drift – Geography Revision

This is essqy to attrition and abrasion breaking fragments of pebbles as they travel from West to East due to the process of long shore drift. The video below shows the same scene: Firstly we measured the angle of the facet using the clinometers but we had to calibrate the clinometer.

Minehead attracts tourists to the area because it is near to the coast and has lovely beaches. Pin It on Pinterest. Erosion is destructive waves, which wears the coastline. For example, the prevailing wind along the Holderness Coast is north-easterly.

longshore drift essay

This leads to a lack of beach material and therefore protection for the soft, boulder clay cliffs. Our study is on coastal processes and management at Porlock Bay. Longshore drift is a process responsible for moving significant amounts of sediment along the coast.

Longshore Drift – A Level Geography

Red Marl is an example of a soft rock. Waves are biggest and have the most energy when the wind is strong and has been blowing for a long time.

How about receiving a customized one? Essays Plag Checker Hire Writer. So for example, Long shore drift occurred from Gore Point to Hurlstone. Spurn Point — a coastal spit formed by longshore longsgore. The heavy top cliff which collapsed into the water is called a stack.

We measured the pebbles using systematic sampling. The pebbles that are being moved collide with other rocks in the sea resulting with the pebbles becoming rounder and smoother as it gets essa at Hurlstone; this erosion process is called attrition.


longshore drift essay

Somerset The Coastal features in the Swanage area Minehead: An arch is formed. The backwash then brings the material back down.

What has been the dominant direction of longshore drift in the past along Deal beach?

Longshore drift transports material along the length of the Holderness Coast. The size and energy of the wave will depend on the speed and the amount of time the wave has been moving.

The size of the beach will be bigger at Hurlstone point longshoe to Gore point due to longshore drift — As the material will all deposit in Hurlstone, the size of the beach will be bigger.

longshore drift essay

This is illustrated in the photograph below where a large rock groyne at Mappleton stops the supply of new beach material. During the weekend we also carried out a study at Minehead to analyse the coastal management. As the result longshore drift transports material from the beach to the south of the groyne and is not replenished. In my investigation, i found out that that the smaller pebbles are at Hurlstone Point.