Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change What are implications on Pakistan’s present and future? Feudalism is so ingrained in the society that it has abysmally curtailed the likelihood of common man to enter the political arena. Energy a critical factor in Pakistan’s economic development It never hesitates to appreciate those policies of the ruling party which ensure national integrity or promote public welfare. Also every student will be under observation by the teacher.

For forms, of government , Lets fools contest, whatever is administered best is best They are just obsessed with the desire to have power. The greatest of evil and the worst of crime is poverty Sunday, July 20, Progressive alleviation of poverty in pakistan The best plae to find a helping hand is at the end of your arms Moral standards in internation relations

Instead, it is the upshot of a great deal of time.

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The basic purpose of education is to impart knowledge to an individual, but it actually goes beyond that. Risk of “Sovet syndromt” lf pakistan Mainly Muslim suffered because of the rotten administration by the British. They used it as a puppet to serve their undemocratic designs. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Religious freedom to all. One Third Muslim seats in Central Legislature. This all will create an environment quite conducive to the greit of democracy.


Identify and discuss some of the more serious political, social and economic problems of Pakistan It is not only fine feather the makes fine birds Thus, it is really hard for the plant of democracy to grow properly in presence of social diseases of poverty and illiteracy.

importance of education essay css forum

The North Western India and Bengal can be considered as entitled to self-determination like other nations in India and outside. The constitutional proposals were approved: This embittered the Miportance relations.

Pakistan’s economic progress during the last seven years 9. The Muslim leaders desired to create a permanent political forum. By practising those essays u can achieve robust grip in essay. Skip to main content. Advancement in science and technology is the gateway to the economic properity of a country He said that the European view of duality of religion and state does not apply here in the Indian society.

Following are the topics about Pakistan, that have appeared in CSS essay papers since 1.

importance of education essay css forum

Young habits die-hard There is no escaping imoortance fact that the system of democracy relies heavily on educated society for its proper evolution, where people perceive the worth of democratic values, where people are aware of the real importance of elections. This, in turn, helps an individual in earning a good living and also develops a sense of independence in the individual that boosts his or her self-esteem.


Hence, the possibility of occurrence of military takeover any time in Pakistan poses a grave eesay to the development of democracy. The Khilafat movement brought Hindu-Muslim communities to cooperation.

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Is modern civilisation is failure? It also contributes in decreasing unemployment that is a major hindrance in the development of any country.

The more developed a country, the more leathly iimportance is armed.

Lahore Senior Member Posts: The role of science in next century Role of expatriats in pakistan progress Click here to sign up. If u wish the sympathy of broad manes, then u must tell importancs the crudest and most stupid things Pakistan’s achievements towards Islamistaion.

Fostering sense of loyalty, among the Muslims, towards the government 4: