I did not appoint him as an academic assistant or doctor. Retrieved 13 February Media reported on more than 80 charges, which had been filed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Juristen unterstellen Guttenberg Vorsatz”. Guttenberg gibt Familie Mitschuld an Doktorschmu”.

Any intention was denied by Guttenberg. The fall of the Santer Commission in was motivated by much more severe allegations of corruption and embezzlement against Commissioner Edith Cresson. The protection of intellectual property is a higher good. Newsletter, Feeds und WhatsApp. A few days later, as a means of taking responsibility for his error, Guttenberg sent personal apology letters to all those authors who were not properly quoted in his thesis.

gutachten dissertation guttenberg

A few days later media published extracts from Guttenberg’s initial response to the commission. The accusations were dropped after an expert commission found no sign of plagiarism in his work. He has also extensive experience in the private sector, having served as CEO of Novomatic AG, a group active in the entertainment and gaming sector, and having held managerial functions in several Austrian industry groups.

Austrian commissioner faces plagiarism accusations –

Er bewertet die Dissertation Hahns als “Textcollage”, die nicht als wissenschaftliche Dissertation bezeichnet werden kann. Alles zu unseren mobilen Angeboten: The University of Bayreuth’s handling of the matter was sharply criticized by its former Vice-President and law professor Walter Schmitt-Glaeserwho, while agreeing that revoking the doctoral degree was justified, described disxertation additional measures taken by the institution as an attempt at character assassination “Treibjagd”.

Genau dieses Gutachten hatte Weber aber kritisiert, da nur manche Stellen und nicht die gesamte Arbeit untersucht worden war. Weiteres Bundestags-Gutachten verwendet” in Ghttenberg.


Guttenberg plagiarism scandal

Newsletter, Feeds und WhatsApp. Hahn graduated as a doctor in philosophy from the University of Vienna inwith a thesis titled ‘Perspectives of Philosophy Today — with the example of the city phenomenon’. The Chancellor believes him.

gutachten dissertation guttenberg

The 76 cases of alleged plagiarism account for at least Guttenberg studied law at the University of Bayreuth[20] where gutachen passed the first legal state examination in Guttenberg plagiarism scandal refers to the German political scandal that led to gugtenberg resignation of Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as Minister of Defence of Germany over the plagiarism of his doctoral dissertation.

From the judicial proceeding on this case he expected a result solely based on facts without regard to the person concerned. Hahn um kein Plagiat handelt”.

Johannes Hahn hat sich Doktortitel “erschlichen”

Media reported on more than 80 charges, which had been filed. Guttenberg denied any deliberate plagiarism. On 1 March Guttenberg declared his dissertatkon from all political offices at national level. She announced her resignation from her functions as Parliament vice-president and leader of the German liberal delegation in May, saying she wanted the investigation by the University of Heidelberg to be conducted peacefully.

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The academic record dissertatlon EU Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn has been called into question after an expert group listed 76 cases of plagiarism in his doctoral thesis.

Chancellor Merkel announced through her spokesman Steffen Seibert on 28 February that Guttenberg had still her full confidence. A coalition of citizens and academics had accused him of lifting large sections of his doctoral thesis from outside sources without referencing the information.


gutachten dissertation guttenberg

Two days later, minister Schavan in gutqchten interview [90] criticized Guttenberg for his thesis: Retrieved 16 July Nachrichten, die zu Ihnen kommen: In a statementhis aides stressed that the thesis had already been scoured to no avail. The report started with the elaboration of the commission’s historical background, [] its internal duties within the Bayreuth University, also in relation to other committees like the university’s promotion commission.

In Augustthe authors of Guttenplag Wiki, which triggered similar initiatives on VroniPlag Wikiwere accused of running a partisan campaign after it emerged that the founder of VroniPlag was a member of the opposition SPD party. The New York Times. Guttenberg’s doctoral dissertation, ” Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag ” “Constitution and Constitutional Treaty”had been the basis of his Doctorate from the University of Bayreuth.

The doctoral thesis was titled ” Verfassung und Verfassungsvertrag. The commission reported missing citations and violations of the academic rules of citations.

The same day, media reported about an anonymous member of the Commission of Professional Self Regulation in Science allegedly accusing Guttenberg of deception. The fall of the Santer Commission in was motivated by much more severe allegations of corruption and embezzlement against Commissioner Edith Cresson. In November the attorney’s office in Hof dropped [] the charges against Guttenberg after having found 23 relevant copyright violations with only minor economic damage.