Unknown December 23, at 8: Reasons Study of Aviation Maintenance Engineering main causes are: Under both UK and JAA legislation it is an offence for safety critical personnel to carry out their duties whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Posted by Warren Ristow at 7: This type of stress can be reduced by careful management, good training, etc.

Alcohol, Medication and Drug Abuse Performance will be affected by alcohol, medication or illicit drugs. This is a transitional phase between waking and sleeping. This will be adjusted from actual fees. As a general rule, aircraft maintenance engineers should not work for at least eight hours after drinking even small quantities of alcohol and increase this time if more has been drunk. Parmeet Singh Matta 5 November at Minor physical illness such as colds, u, etc. It is vital that aircraft maintenance engineers learn from their own errors and from the errors made by others in the industry.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Can anyone send me the answers for module 9? Sampath Rao 3 August at Unknown November 20, at 8: That is, they study the interaction of maintenance personnel, the equipment they use, the written and verbal procedures and rules they follow, and the environmental conditions of any system.

Whilst all essential information especially the detailed status of tasks should be recorded in written form, it is also important to pass this information verbally modu,e order to reinforce it.

Please email me easa essay 7 9 and 10 answers. The aim of human factors is to optimize the relationship between maintenance personnel and systems with a view to improving safety, efficiency and well-being Human factors include such attributes as: An organogram would help your answer. Spoken messages provide considerable flexibility and informality to express work-related matters when necessary.


Take time off or at least have a short break. Routine violations; Situational violations; Optimizing violations; Hukan violations.


Sleep, Fatigue and Shift Work Sleep is a natural state of reduced consciousness involving changes in body and brain physiology which is necessary to man to restore and replenish the body and dasa. Normal hearing is from 20 Hz to 20, Hz Hangar noise is about 70 to 75 decibel Earplugs reduce noise by 20 decibel Earmuffs reduce noise by 40 decibel Impact of Noise on Performance It can: Latent failures are dormant and may esaay to problems A mistake is not intended An error is not intended e.

Although management have a responsibility to ensure that their engineers have suitable training, at the end of the day, it is up to the individual engineer to decide whether he has the necessary skills and has the proficiency and experience to do what he has been asked to do. Check to see if your work will conflict with an existing modification or repair.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

You should know Selective attention cocktail party effectDivided attentionFocused attentionSustained attention and that attention is influenced by arousal level and stress. Describe the inspection and management procedures and relevant paperwork for rectification.

Human Factors – EASA part 66 module 9

Lack of awareness Think of what may occur in the event of an accident. This can be effected by ensuring that the procedures esssay correct and usable, that the means of presentation of the information is user friendly and appropriate to the task and context, fasa engineers are encouraged to follow procedures and not to cut corners. I am expecting more interesting topics from you. Social loafing reflects the tendency for someone faxtors work less hard Social loafing is a tendency for some individuals to work less hard on a task when they believe others are working on it Flight deck crew team size is small – two or three members; although the wider team is obviously larger i.


It is therefore also known as paradoxical sleep. Ideally the procedure should provide for sufficient time to be made available by way of a shift overlap, depending on the complexity of task s to be handed over.

Communication Between Teams Communication between teams is critical in aircraft maintenance engineering. With a complex system, it should still be clear to an aircraft maintenance engineer what the systems purpose is. Provide assistance as far as one feels factorw to.

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Errors in aircraft maintenance engineering tend to take two specific forms: Unknown 22 April at Robin Jose Tigga 24 April at About Me faaiz View my complete profile. The heart rate slows and muscles relax.

Continuity of Tasks and Shift Handovers Many maintenance tasks often span more than pxrt shift, requiring tasks to be passed from one shift to the next. An organogram of the structure may be helpful 8.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

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