The number of cell phone subscribers touched nearly May 18, at 2: The same appreciation s will be for members from thesis group and for the teacher and members from groupies course. If creditors have provided most of the funding, they have more to lose than the owners if the business fails. Corporate Governance is the set of policies, procedures, practices, processes, customs, laws and institutions affecting the way in which a corporation or enterprise is controlled or administered.

Impact of Deregulation on Mobile Sector 14 1. These hypotheses may be substantiated or not, depending upon the results derived from statistical analysis. This study determines the relation between leverage and systematic risk. The telecom sector was liberalized but PTCL was still them on opolist of the land line telephone services. Hence, the study is unable to establish any significant relation between profitability and financial leverage effect on the capital structure of a firm. P a g e 38 Year and year is showing higher leverage ratio i.

Sign in to write a comment. Etisalat UAE consortium improved the organizational structure privatizxtion PTCL and implemented a more horizontal administrative structure with its new management to control over decision making by depoliticizing its work culture.

Graphical Presentation of PTCL 19 1. Data was taken from year to year Skip to main content.

Vigorous efforts were exerted during the year to collect overdue receivables culminating in reduced level studj provision required for doubtful debts and thus decreasing Administrative and General Expenses to Rs 8. Monetary preparation is a significant fraction in the commerce as the eatery commerce has senior fraction of price of auction than other industry.

It is the sole integrated telecom service provider offering Bundled Voice Data, Privtization and TV services at compelling and competitive rates to a wide audience. In both of the above mentioned historical cases, the core reason was fraudulent conduct by the corporate level management.

Ufone considered as a strong competitor in the auction process and was the first to launch 3G in Pakistan, due to its advanced planning and network readiness. The government should pay in instalments, just as Etisalat has done. The size of the firm has a positive and a significant impact on the financial leverage which means that by increasing one unit of financial leverage the size of the firm increases by 0.


case study on ptcl privatization

Whether it is an office in the largest city of Pakistan or a home in a small village, we are present in every corner of Pakistan to serve our customers. The common method to measure financial leverage is to use financial ratio, in which casee to equity ratio is being calculated and analyzed.

Long term debt to equities ratio The second debt to equities ratio, long term pribatization to stockholders equities or more simply long term debt to equities is more properly a measure of leverage, because the debt figure contains only debt to lenders, or long term debt, as opposed to total debt, which includes debt to vendors, employees, and tax authorities as well as debt to lenders.

Dependent variables includes profitability and shareholders return, model as dependent variable. Moreover, I also agree with the suggestions of Dr. As a company increases debt and preferred equities, interest payments increase, reducing EPS. Denationalisation of public institutions has become a worldwide movement in developed as well as developing nations by selling all kinds of public enterprises privatizatio key utilities providers such as electricity, water, gas, telephone services etc.

The Corporation is the largest contributor outside the oil sector to development programs of the UAE Federal Government. Mobilink kept on loosing its share for another year in favors of Telenor and Warid despite its secure subscriber base ,where as Paktel and Insta phone share in the market also dropped as both companies are struggling with transitional phase.

case study on ptcl privatization

sstudy It owns and operates telecommunication facilities and provides domestic and international telephone services and other communication facilities throughout Pakistan.


For the loss of assets due to fire and floods incurred during the year, an amount of Rs.

Privatization of PTCL. An Unforgotten Failure of Governance

It was hypothesized that there is a significant negative relationship exist between financial leverage and firm profitability. The government should pcl in instalments, just as Etisalat has done. But the concepts were changed by Modigliani and Miller So, stuxy there was a need to privatize such a Giant, Whatever PTCL is doing after privatization could also have done before privatization.

The effect of size, growth and industry on the financial structure of manufacturing companies.

PTCL’s Privatization: The Biggest Financial Scam in Pakistan’s History? – TelecomPK

The industrial average of net profit margin is Total debt to equities ratio 10 1. We find out that high level of leverage creating a high level of systematic risk, leading to high volatility in the stock prices.

Impact of Deregulation on Mobile Sector Driven by lowest tariffs, maximum coverage, and relatively better quality the Pakistan mobile market maintained rapid growth during The size of the firm has a positive and a significant impact on the financial leverage oh means that by increasing one unit of financial leverage the size of the firm increases by 0.

Equity to assets kn The Equity to assets ratio along with privayization total debt to total equity ratio described above is one of the most direct measures of leverage. From its existence, Engro has come a long way in its vision of becoming a premier Pakistani company with a global reach.