For example, the cistern was empty. Email required Address never made public. Amanda on January 31, at Thank you BSF , the knowledge of the living word of God changed my life. Pride is dangerous as this is the sin that took Satan himself down.

Ancient Jewish custom says that Moses died as God took away his soul with a kiss. If we focus our blessings on others they will never run dry. The juice collected in the lower vat. To reap and to separate out the harvest believers from the grapes unbelievers. In that culture, to have your dead body treated this way was considered a fate worse than death itself. Archaic laws that went over their heads. I only hope I can lead one half as well!

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Skip to content Summary of 1 Samuel Mpses God is a merciful God. Moses warns to be careful not to turn to other gods.

bsf homework moses

The people in her group and mine, fantastic people. Moses was prophet, lawgiver, deliverer, and judge.

Going through the teachings and fellowship with these women my thoughts were we can make an impact on ourselves, our families and this world for Jesus Christ! I praise God for the technology that He has blessed headquarters with, to mosses able to stay connected today with the class. This could be called distributed cloud!

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Mary Nyaga on February 5, at 7: You do hommework tremendous. I am thankful for the BSF impact as God moves in me individual lives, small groups, families, communities and globally, to move us ever closer to His Kingdom come, His Will done.


This is for the unbelievers. The BEST is yet to come! Past retreats have been awesome to see so many leaders in one place learning about God in our roles, but all the work and details must have been overwhelming with the rapid growth in numbers.

bsf homework moses

The One, True God has saved us completely; therefore, He is to be our refuge, our shelter, our protector, our provider. Well done delivering mybsf.

Satan has no hold on him since he is sinless. The questions did nothing to further my knowledge of this passage.

And I care about these women just as if we were meeting together in person every week. I am so grateful to the Lord. And I appreciate the move to build community and relationships.

bsf homework moses

Thank you to all at BSF for the good work. To God be the glory forever and ever! I have been so blessed and encouraged in learning more about the children of the promised land Study, and taking part in the fellowship groups.

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Your post put a big smile on my heart. Here it is the Holy Spirit. Job of preparing all the material, and I thank the Lord for you, but as we go into the second half of the year, I am hearing more people making the comments I am thinking.


It has been a great joyin our spiritual life. Then God leaves in anger. The Holy Spirit helps us and intercedes for us on this side of heaven. Jesus performs miracles for our benefit, not for His glory as we see vividly when he turns down the crown John 6: Few people know that there is actually another lion species, the Asiatic Lion, that used to roam Asia as well. BSF is good, God is great! Notify me of new comments via email.

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I feel so blessed to have a great class right in my neighborhood in Warwick, RI. Revelation Chapters will reveal the fulfillment of these prophetic declarations of the angels.

Again, Moses says to love and obey God and keep His laws so that they may be able to take the land and live long.